Welcome to the homepage for The ISM-SPP Olympian School of Astrophysics 2016!

The School focused on the physics and chemistry of the galactic and extragalactic interstellar medium including star formation, and on astrochemistry from photoionized to photodissociation and molecular regions. The scope of the school was to gather young researchers particularly PhD students and early career scientists to discuss about theoretical and numerical aspects of the general field of the interstellar medium, in a pleasant area located next to the sea and at the foot of world's famous Mt. Olympus. The School included:
  1. three major review talks with the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art research
  2. 18 lectures covering the topics shown below
  3. hands-on day to work on basic hydrodynamical simulations and observational data
  4. poster sessions appropriate for students to show their work
The covered topics included:
  1. Physics and Dynamics of the Interstellar Medium (galactic, extragalactic)
  2. Astrochemistry (photoionization, photodissociation, molecular regions)
  3. Hydrodynamics (instabilities, turbulence, magnetic fields)
  4. Star formation (from low-mass to high-mass stars, triggered and non-triggered)
  5. Hydrodynamical simulations and the comparison with observations

The School was kindly sponsored by ISM-SPP (DFG Priority Program 1573).

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Public Lecture (in Greek language) - Sunday 2 October 2016

Dionisios Simopoulos
Director Emeritus
Eugenides Planetarium

Contact: Olympian Centre for Astrophysics (ocfa@olympiancfa.org)