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Paralia Katerini'sParalia Katerini's

Paralia is a village which is part of the municipality of Katerini, a town in Central Macedonia, Greece, and capital of Pieria regional unit. It is located about 100km south of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city. The closest airport is Thessaloniki's Macedonia International Aiport (SKG).

Close to Paralia are several archaeological sites of great interest such as the ancient city of Dion (5th Century BC), the Venetial Castle of Platamon (built between 1204 and 1222) and the burial site of the kings of Macedon, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus

Of special interest is Mount Olympus, located about 25km away from Paralia. Mount Olympus is Greece's highest mountain. The highest peak Mytikas, meaning "nose", rises to 2,917 meters (9,570 ft). It is one of the highest peaks in Europe. Olympus is a National Park of Greece and a World's Biosphere Reserve.

The mountain is widely known as the "home" of the Twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. It formed itself after the gods defeated the Titans in the Titan War, and soon the palace was inhabited by the gods. It is the setting of many Greek mythical stories.

Mount Olympus attracts the interest of several mountaineers and climbers worldwide.

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Pieria Prefecture and Mt. Olympus

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